I’m so excited to be able to show off our new logo. It was time for an updated look for The Soap Hut. I decided to start with a more modern and updated logo. And I must say that I am thrilled with the way it turned out. The rest of our updating will be focused on the newly refreshed logo. Over the next few weeks, I will be working on updating all of our product labels to reflect the new logo and new look. But it will take time as every one of them will need to be redesigned. So I will be using the old labels on many of the products while I work on updating them. Product images will gradually be updated to also reflect the new logo. So don’t be surprised if you order multiple products and some have the old logo/look while others have the new logo/look. I anticipate having all of the product labels updated by mid-July 2021.

In addition to a newly updated logo……I’m also updating some of our products. Many of our soaps are going to have a new shape. Traditional HP soaps will still be molded in rectangle molds and cut into bars but I am moving the fun scents and colorful soaps to a Tall & Skinny loaf mold while the more natural and masculine soaps will remain molded in the short wide loaf. They all weigh the same just a little different shape.

Bath Bombs are also going through a change. Our original Bath Bombs were spheres and one size. The new ones will be made in 3 different sizes and will be round cake-like shapes. Why the change? I was not happy with the way the labeling looked on the spheres and the packaging just wasn’t cooperating. The old packaging was shrink wrapped and that was difficult to open for bath-time. Many customers wanted various size options to choose from. We listened to customer feedback and made a few changes. I am always striving to find new ways to please our customers. So, the new shape makes it easier to label and affords us a way to provide a variety of sizes to choose from. The wrapping is also changing from shrink wrap to a simple and much easier to remove plastic wrap with a cigar-band label that looks nice and neat and is easier to read and remove.

There are many other changes in the horizon for The Soap Hut that I will be announcing soon as well. So stay tuned……