Caring for your Cotton Washcloth

Cotton is one of the most versatile, most used, easiest to care for, most durable materials used in fabrics today. It is soft yet provides just the right amount of exfoliation when used as a bath or face cloth. It is natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and readily available. Cotton yarns are available in a wide variety of colors. There are 100% cotton yarns as well as those blended with synthetic materials. We strive to only use 100% cotton yarns in our washcloths.

Caring for them is super easy. And proper care will extend the life of your washcloths.

crocheted washcloths
  • They are machine washable on a regular cycle. However, they may shrink up a bit if the heat is too high.
  • They are made of a natural material.
  • They are soft enough to use on your face but also provide gentle exfoliation.
  • They are very absorbent.
  • You may dry them in the dryer but keep in mind they will shrink and get misshapen. We recommend laying them out on a flat surface to dry so they retain their shape and size.

Prior to using your washcloths, you may need to set the color. This is especially true for dark or bright colors such as reds, deep greens, deep blues, etc. Follow the instructions below to set the colors so they don’t run in the washing machine or on you in the shower or bath. When following the procedure below for setting the colors only put colors with like colors so they don’t bleed onto one another.

  • You will need 1 cup of white vinegar (NOT Apple Cider Vinegar or any other vinegar) and water. We prefer distilled water as it is free from other chemicals and impurities.
  • Fill the sink basin with COLD water and add 1 cup of white vinegar to the water and mix it thoroughly.
  • Submerge washcloths completely and allow to soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • After at least 30 minutes of soaking, rinse washcloths completely in cool water.
  • You may squeeze excess water from them. But try to avoid wringing them.
  • Lay them out flat on a towel and allow them to dry completely. Preferably one that would not be a disappointment should a little color bleed onto it.
  • Your washcloth should be color set at this point. We recommend that you wash it separately at least one or two times to ensure the color is set completely so as not to discolor other towels or garments. In addition, we recommend only washing with towels rather than with clothing.
  • Should a loose end stick out after washing it is easy to weave back into the washcloth. Do not cut it all the way down to the knot so as not to cause it to unravel.

You’re all set. Your new washcloths are ready to use and enjoy. Follow the same instructions above to care for your Soap Sacks as they are crocheted with the same cotton yarn as the washcloths.