Glycerin Soaps

Glycerin is a naturally occurring product of traditionally made soaps. There are a variety of different glycerin soaps on the market today (also called Melt & Pour, or M&P). And you still need to look at the labels.

Assorted Valentine’s Day Glycerin Soaps made with detergent-free glycerin soap bases.

Many glycerin soaps are also “detergent bars”.  The detergent is added to boost the lathering properties of the soap.  And there are also some that are completely synthetic.  You can find glycerin soap bases in most arts & crafts stores.  These bases are NOT natural.  They do contain many various chemicals and detergents like the commercially prepared syndet bars.

There are, however, some glycerin soaps that are completely detergent-free. These are the soaps you want to look for. So while all glycerin soaps are not necessarily bad or synthetic chemical-heavy, you do still need to read the ingredients. Our glycerin soaps are all detergent-free with very few exceptions. Our detergent-free soaps will have a DF symbol, like what you see to the left, in the description