What do you think of when you think of SOAP? Maybe you think of the commercially made bars available at the grocery store or in big box stores…..or, perhaps you have had the pleasure of using something handmade from the local farmer’s market…..or, maybe you’ve even dabbled in making your own at home. Simply put, SOAP is a product used to bathe and clean our bodies. But not all soaps are made the same…..and not all soap is really soap but is rather detergent bars. Of course, in our opinion, handmade is the best option. 🙂

But why do we recommend handmade soap rather than the less expensive commercially made and available detergent bars? I mean, they both clean right?

Yes, they both clean. But, there are many differences between these types of “soaps”. One is truly soap, the other is mostly likely a syndet bar (synthetic detergent). The quality and type of handmade soaps even vary greatly. So we will be posting a different type of “soap” here to explain the differences so you can make up your own mind which type of “soap” you prefer. This is part 1 of a 5 part series….What is SOAP??