Soap Hut

The Soap Hut is owned and operated by Melodie Hand.  

Melodie is originally from New Port Richey, FL and has lived in NC since November 2000.  

Melodie started out in the beauty industry as a nail tech in 1989.  It was a natural flow for her to get involved with making soaps.  But truth be told, Melodie has always been fascinated with body care products and scents.  When she was a young girl she would sneak her mom's perfumes (not cheap ones either) and baby powders and oils.  She'd lock herself in the bathroom and come up with her own "creations".  So it's no wonder she's become the "mad scientist" she is today with bath and body products.  

In addition to her love for everything bath and body, Melodie has had a love for natural care in the home in the way of medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements.  This came about due to 2 of her sons having severe reactions to vaccinations.  So over the past 24 years she has studied herbs and other alternative health modalities for herself and her family.  And she now offers that as a service in the store.  She does not lay claim to any particular titles but rather is available to help educate our customers in the use of medicinal herbs, essential oils and other natural methods of supporting and maintaining a healthy body.

Her product lines in the store include: Traditional Soaps, Glycerin Soaps, Dried Herbs, Custom Bath & Body Products, Milk Baths, Salves, Lotion Candles & more.  If it goes on the body, she can make it for you.  Custom orders are welcome.

We offer such a huge variety of soaps and body care products that we cannot possibly feature all of them on one page.  Therefore, we are posting only a small representation of the products we offer.