Cup & Kettle

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This is THE place to go in the 4042 area of Garner for the BEST cup of coffee or tea you'll ever have.  We may not offer food and our menu is not complicated.....but we're spot on with the beverages.  We make your drink YOUR way and don't need a fancy menu with fancy drink names to get it right.  :-)

Good friends don't let friends drink bad coffee!!!!!!!  And we don't serve bad coffee here.  So grab a friend and stop on in for your favorite drink!!!

We saw a need, we filled it.  

In keeping with our desire to bring the local community products and services that are local, we have brought in Larry's Coffee as our source for coffee beans.  Larry's Coffee is a local roaster in Raleigh.  Being so close, we are able to purchase our beans in small quantity so that they are always fresh when served in the store.

Our coffee beverages range from drip coffee to pour over coffee made fresh while you watch to espresso beverages made just the way you like it.  Our customers have the option of milk of their choice (whole, skim, 2% or Almond).  

Our tea beverages are from around the world.  We have selected the most flavorful teas to feature in our store including black tea, green tea, white tea, yerba mate, rooibos and herbal blends. Our tea is steeped for the appropriate amount of time in the correct temperature of water making for the best flavored tea available.

 In addition, we offer custom blending of our herbal, wellness, teas.  Our Wellness Tea line is designed to help support healthy function of body systems. We stock nearly 100 different herbs in order to truly create the custom blend you desire.  We can blend a tea by the cup for brewing in-house or by the ounce to purchase for brewing at home. We do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe.  And we advise all customers to consult with their medical professional prior to taking in any herbs with specific intent.

And we are adding mini baked donuts, Darlin' Donuts, to the coffee/tea shop in October 2017!!!  So watch for some awesome treats to be available soon.