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Our Coffee & Tea Bar is now open!!!  
  • Pour Over Coffee
  • Espresso Beverages
  • Loose Leaf Tea (brewed or loose to go)
  • Tea Soda
  • Tea Latte
  • Matcha
  • Wellness Tea
  • All served hot or cold
  • Sit & Sip or Grab & Go!!
Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee, or tea!!!  So stop on in at The Soap & Coffee Hut with a friend and enjoy the best cup of coffee or tea in town!!


About Us

What started out as a simple soap and multi-vendor gift store has grown into so much more in the first few months of opening.  As of May 1st, 2016 our Coffee & Tea Bar is open for business.  We saw a need in the community for a warm and inviting place to sit & sip a cup of coffee or tea.....or grab & go.  So we transformed our little soap & gift shop into a warm and cozy place to go get your favorite brew and just chill.  We've retained our country/rustic look and feel.  And our focus remains on providing natural products by local vendors.....we still promote "shop local & buy handmade" but now with the concept of "savor community" added to that.  Our desire is that we can provide a nice safe and comfortable place for those in our community to gather in for a tasty beverage.

The Soap & Coffee Hut is located in Peddler's Village on 42 West in Garner, NC.  And we are also now a coffee & tea bar offering a selection of fresh brewed coffee, espresso and tea beverages.  Grab & Go or Sit & Sip the best coffee and tea in town!!!

We love to have fun at The Soap Hut.....so you just never know what you'll find in our product line-up.  Everything from Bath Bombs to Melts, Butters, Balms, Soaps, Herbs, Wood Items, Photography, Jewelry, Crocheted Items....pretty much anything handmade that can also have a twist of fun added in can be found here.  But most of all......SOAPS!!!!  That is where our passion began many years ago.

Many (if not all) of our vendors offer custom options.  This provides you with much more flexibility in purchasing personal items and gift items.  So if you're looking for custom scents, shapes or colors in candles or even something personalized with embroidery or vinyl.....or perhaps you need a custom favor for an event or occasion....or you might be looking for someone to help you with custom blended essential oils.....how about custom crocheted afghans or baby items......or jewelry in your colors and style.  Whatever it is that you are looking for we're pretty sure that one of our vendors can provide it for you.  And if we don't have a vendor currently that can provide what you need.....well, we'll find one that can.  That's how fabulous our customer service is.

If you're looking for something specific that you do not see here please contact us as we do provide custom products to suit your personal needs.